New year 1997. Four actresses (two Frisian, one Dutch-Irish and one Russian), passionate lovers of world music, unite their voices in search of a new sound for the old songs. Two Pisceans and two Aquarians, they decide to call themselves 'water women', Sirens of the Sea; Rusalki (Russian: mermaids).


Since its first performance at the Vondelpark Open Air Theatre in Amsterdam, June 1997, the group has given over 500 concerts in theatres, music venues, castles, churches and museums.


Highlights from the last 15 years of Rusalki:

- Peter the Great Manifestation (300 years of Dutch-Russian relations) in Amsterdam, Zaandam and Moscow

- Sail 2000 Amsterdam, sailing into the harbour on 'The Shtandard' a copy of Peter the Great's ship

- Slaviansky Bazar, a major songfestival in Kiev, aired on Ukranian television

- International festivals such as Oerol, Mundial, Full Colour and The Singing World (St Petersburg and Kiev)

- Opening of the world-renowned exhibition of Russian Fairytale paintings, Gronings Museum

- Opening of the Hermitage in Amsterdam

- Performances on Dutch national Radio 4 and 5 (NCRV, IKON) and Television (Vara, 'Spijkers')