Collection of Russian and Slavic folklore

In four-voice harmonies Rusalki sings about love and passion,

loss and death, desires and dreams, about the beauty of the

world and the grandeur of nature.

From the vast vault of Slavic folklore, Rusalki chose the most dramatic,

lyrical and humorous, enchanting and tragic songs.

The melodies, arranged by Tatiana, sound contemporary. Quite complicated, sometimes almost jazzy harmonies and rhythmical accents combined with the clarity and simplicity of the original tune give an unexpected effect: songs that have existed for centuries sound fresh and captivating again today.

Kumushki (Russia)

...O, my dear girlfriends,

your men came back from

the war, but mine didn't...

Svadjbushka (Russia)

...The bride is whiter than white,

what awaits her?..

Tuman jarom...  (Ukraine)

...A young girl dropped her

golden bucket in the well ...

Oi da ne vecher... (Russia)

I dreamed that my black horse

danced wildly beneath me ...'