Maid on the Shore


The most beautiful, moving, funny and haunting songs Rusalki have gathered on their travels.

Four bewitching mermaids take you on a magical journey over the crests of the Himalayas, through Eastern Europe and the Russia steppes, along warm Mediterranean countries and via darkest Africa back north to the British Isles and wintery Lapland.

With humour and passion, using theatrical elements, Rusalki tells stories of love, death, desire, wild Cossacks, clever mermaids, vengeful mothers, black ravens and feminine secrets.

With her refreshing and surprising arrangements, Tatiana Kouzovkina, (educated in St Petersburg) breathes new life into the traditional melodies.

Lamma bada (Egypt)

'She walks through the

desert and thinks of her love'

Noches (Sephardic)

'Youth is too short, girls,

enjoy it... '

Adieu paure carnavas


'Farewel prince Carnaval,

you will go, I'll stay behind.'

Szol a kakas mar (Hungary)

'The rooster crows,

the sun is rising...'