SHE' ENEDRA  (Rom. = Blood Sisters)

A collection of Roma songs by people who preserve and cross-pollinate the world's traditional music heritage.

Roma music is the traditional music of the Rom, people who are also known as Gypsies. Through the centuries these nomads survived,

thanks to their wit, their craft, and their music.

Roma music has a great variety, mixed with strong local colours of the lands, where the Roma lived. Their singing is often dramatic and passionate, with deep melancholy, but also with pure joy.

Mulas mange (Czech Roma)

'Mama, why did you leave me?!...'

Kanak szomasz (Hung. Roma)

'I went to the market

and I bought a green hat...'

Sam, Roma sam (Czech Roma)

'I am Rom, don't beat me... '

Romale (Czech Roma)

'The morning comes -

it's time to go... '